Merging rev-upgrade

Joshua Root jmr at
Fri Dec 30 02:22:08 PST 2011

On 2011-12-30 11:22 , Clemens Lang wrote:
> In trunk as of r88376. Now keep the bug reports coming :)

'make install' on top of a trunk install (last updated a couple days
ago) died with this error for me:

/usr/bin/tclsh src/images_to_archives.tcl "/opt/local/share/macports/Tcl"
sqlite error: near "Ϻ£ü": syntax error (1) while executing query: Ϻ£ü
    while executing
"registry::open $db_path"
    (procedure "mportinit" line 563)
    invoked from within
"mportinit ui_options"
    (file "src/images_to_archives.tcl" line 18)
make: *** [install] Error 1

This is on 10.6.8/x86_64 with Xcode 3.2.6.

- Josh

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