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Sat Dec 31 07:03:08 PST 2011

> Is there any documentation on fs-traverse?

Hidden away in the man pages (portfile(7)):

     fs-traverse [-depth] [-ignoreErrors] varname target-list body
         Traverse the filesystem hierarchy rooted in each element of
         target-list and execute body for each found file/directory.  varname
         is set to the path of the file/directory. If break is called during
         execution, the filesystem traversal is stopped. If continue is called
         during execution, the current file and any children are skipped and
         traversal continues with the next file/directory.

         -depth  Equivalent to the -d switch to find(1).  Please note that
                 using -depth means you cannot prune a directory with continue
                 as it will be processed after its children.

                 Causes fs-traverse to ignore any permissions/read errors
                 encountered during processing.

         If fs-traverse is called directly on a symbolic link, the link will
         be followed. All other links encountered during traversal will not be

         fs-traverse will not descend into directories that have a different
         device number than the root of the descent.

         If you remove the current directory during traversal, be aware that
         you must call continue to inform fs-traverse that the directory
         should not be descended into.

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