Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sat Dec 31 10:20:40 PST 2011

Well they're similar and for certain purposes can be close enough.

In Tcl, "copy" can copy directories while "xinstall" can't (though you can xinstall many files at once, and even use "eval" / "glob" to grab whole swathes of files)
"xinstall" touches files as it installs them, "copy" preserves modification dates.
"xinstall" can set permissions and ownership, "copy" can't.

But if you just want to copy some documentation, and it already has the right permissions in the source archive, and you don't care what the modification dates are, you could use either.

On Dec 31, 2011, at 11:25, Joshua Root wrote:

> No, in the same way that cp(1) is not the same as install(1).
> - Josh
> On 2012-1-1 03:33 , Mark Brethen wrote:
>> Does,
>> eval copy [glob -directory ${worksrcpath}/doc/manual
>> {*.tex,*.sh,*.*.cfg,README} ${docdir}/manual
>> accomplish the same result as
>> eval copy [glob ${worksrcpath}/doc/manual/*.tex] ${docdir}/manual
>> xinstall -W ${worksrcpath}/doc/manual \
>>          mkhtml.sh \
>>          mkpdf.sh \
>>          README \
>>          reduce.cfg \
>>          ${docdir}/manual

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