multiple arch flags won't work with -E

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Feb 3 17:19:23 PST 2011

On 2011-2-4 06:57 , James Gregurich wrote:
> excuse me. I should quoted the following instead:
>     Extra flags to give to the C compiler. 
>     Extra flags to give to the C++ compiler. 
>     Extra flags to give to the C preprocessor and programs that use it
>     (the C and Fortran compilers). 

I don't see what this is meant to demonstrate. Yes, the preprocessor
gets invoked when you compile, so CPPFLAGS get used then as well.

Using -arch does change the values of some predefined macros, but
anything that relies on that when running the preprocessor on its own is
probably broken. This is most apparent when building universal (as
demonstrated in the message in the topic).

It looks like the expat configure script is (at best) assuming a cross
compiling model where you use a differently named toolchain. The fact
that the iPhone SDK will try to include some i386-specific headers is
kind of weird however you look at it (though understandable given how it
was made and intended to be used).

- Josh

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