multiple arch flags won't work with -E

James Gregurich bayoubengal at
Thu Feb 3 18:18:37 PST 2011

Actually, I have it working.

I am able to successfully build non-universal armv6 and universal armv6/armv7  for icu, bzip2 and expat.

The only change I made to the expat portfile was to set the PortGroup to muniversal.

For bzip2, since it bypasses the normal configure, I added a few lines of code to add -isysroot to the build.args variable that it overrides. I also added a line to remove the "test" target from the "all" target in the makefile. Both of these changes are only invoked in the even of a cross-compile  build.

for icu, I added code to do the require native build in the pre-configure and add the additional "--with-cross-build" option that is needed.

I modified portconfigure.tcl to cleanly use the arch flags with the different states for which configure_main is called. I added the arch flag to CPPFLAGS. I changed muniversal to add the arch to CPPFLAGS.

Tomorrow, I'm going to test my changes for normal MacOSX builds with the 10.6 sdk to see if I've broken anything for normal builds.

A further point to consider:  I hard-coded "--disable-shared" into the icu portfile since iOS doesn't allow shared libs and they get in the way of the static libs during linking of client code. However, it would be nice to not assume that in the portfile. That should be in the .conf file. Is there a way to pass in a configure option like this from the .conf file?


On Feb 3, 2011, at 6:02 PM, Joshua Root wrote:

> Then putting the -arch flags in CPPFLAGS simply can't work and
> muniversal with merger_arch_compiler set may indeed be your only option
> short of modifying the SDK. As Toby said, this isn't a change we would
> want to put in the main ports tree as muniversal adds a lot of
> complexity and fragility.
> On 2011-2-4 12:55 , James Gregurich wrote:
>> yep.  armv6 armv7
>> On Feb 3, 2011, at 5:10 PM, Joshua Root wrote:
>>> On 2011-2-4 06:54 , James Gregurich wrote:
>>>> I think that I'll change the expat port to use muniversal. 
>>>> Is this reasonable?
>>> What does muniversal have to do with this? Are you trying to do a
>>> universal cross compile?
>>> - Josh

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