Compiling sox with "-headerpad_max_install_names"

Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at
Fri Feb 4 05:21:43 PST 2011


I'm using "sox" as part of my own code and I am trying to deploy an application
with the code linking to libsox. When calling macdeployqt from Qt 4.7.1, I receive
a similar error message as described in ticket #23372, [1].


[glaubitz at oslo:linux-minidisc/qhimdtransfer]$ macdeployqt-4.7
ERROR: "install_name_tool: changing install names or rpaths can't be redone for: (for architecture x86_64) because larger updated load commands do not fit (the program must be relinked, and you may need to use -headerpad or -headerpad_max_install_names)

I have had the same problem with ffmpeg before and I could fix it by adding
"-headerpad_max_install_names" in the configure options of ffmpeg. However,
the configure script does not know anything about this option.

Also, I haven't observed the problem on MacOS 10.5.8/PPC and MacOS 10.6.6/Intel32
but only on my Macbook Pro running MacOS in 64bit mode.

Any suggestions?



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