[MacPorts] #28276: Upgrade ARB 5.2 -> 5.2.1

Matt Cottrell matt.cottrell at me.com
Sat Feb 5 04:55:48 PST 2011

Just a brief note to say thanks. Will be out of email contact for a few days. Will get caught up when I get home. Clearly I have a lot to learn, but going to be easy with your help. 


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> #28276: Upgrade ARB 5.2 -> 5.2.1
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> Comment(by ryandesign@…):
> We really do need to base the build architecture on the
> ${configure.build_arch} variable, as Joshua said (or
> ${configure.universal_archs}, if building universal), and not on the
> operating system version. This is necessary because those are the
> architectures which MacPorts will record in the registry for this port
> when it is installed, and those are the architectures for which MacPorts
> will verify this port's dependencies are installed.
> If you really do want to prevent installation on 32-bit systems, then
> "return -code error" in a pre-fetch block if build_arch is i386 or ppc.
> MacPorts is not "overly conservative" as you say; the build_arch is set to
> x86_64 by default in the macports.conf on 64-bit Snow Leopard systems,
> matching Apple's defaults for their gcc compiler. If build_arch is set to
> i386 in your macports.conf, it is either because your computer is not
> 64-bit, or because you deliberately changed it, or because you upgraded
> from Tiger or Leopard and forgot to change it at that time; if the latter,
> please spend some time comparing your macports.conf with the
> macports.conf.default in the same directory, and adopt any changes from
> macports.conf.default that you don't specifically mean to change.
> Further problems with this port (not all related to the current patch):
> Your patch is still saying to link with libpng12.dylib; no such dylib is
> installed by any MacPorts port. Please patch the source so it can compile
> with libpng14.dylib.
> It looks like it's still looking in /usr/X11 for includes and libaries
> (the Makefiles contain directives to do this) which is where it's finding
> libpng12.dylib; this should be changed to look in ${prefix}.
> This port should use "notes", not a ui_msg in post-activate. This message
> should not hardcode /opt/local; it should use ${prefix}.
> The Mac OS X SDK path should not be hardcoded into the port; it should be
> taken from the variable ${configure.sdkroot}. (This will be empty
> everywhere except PowerPC computers running Tiger, because that is the
> only time there is a need to use an SDK.)
> Are gsed and imake really library dependencies -- are they really used by
> this software at runtime? These are usually only build dependencies. Also
> not sure what arb uses sablotron and lynx for but I don't see it linking
> to sablotron's libraries, and lynx doesn't provide any.
> When I tried to install it, it complained that it could not find
> makedepend, so a build dependency on the makedepend port should be added.
> The post-activate "system 'rm -rf !`find ...`'" call is strange and should
> probably either be moved to the destroot and modified to use fs-traverse,
> or "svn.method checkout" should be removed to let MacPorts use svn export
> instead, which wouldn't have any .svn directories to begin with.
> All the "system" calls in the post-destroot should be replaced with the
> equivalent native Tcl commands.
> There's no need for post-configure and post-destroot blocks when you're
> already overriding the configure and destroot blocks; just put everything
> in there.
> It is odd to say "use_configure no" and then to define a configure block.
> The configure block reinplaces @@PREFIX@@ ''in the patchfile in the files
> directory''. A portfile must never do that. Clearly, the person who
> initially committed the arb_macsetup file (in r59128) first installed the
> port to ensure it worked, which replaced @@PREFIX@@ with the actual prefix
> in the patchfile, and then it was committed that way, already replaced.
> Instead, you must replace the string in files within the workpath only.
> The repeated reinplaces for gsed in the configure block can be replaced
> with a single reinplace invocation.
> This port doesn't ensure it's UsingTheRightCompiler.
> Your patch purports to update the port to version 5.2.1 but you haven't
> changed the revision of the Subversion repository that's checked out, so I
> don't believe this is installing an updated version of the software at
> all.
> This port fetches 45MB of files from the project's Subversion repository;
> this takes a long time and [ticket:16373 is not cached locally] so if I
> ever want to reinstall I have to download it all again. It would be better
> if we could fetch a normal compressed distfile, which our mirror servers
> could then automatically mirror as well. What would be the problem with
> using [http://download.arb-home.de/release/arb_5.2/arbsrc.tgz this arb 5.2
> tarball]? If we do that, we will of course have to [wiki:PortfileRecipes
> #unversioned-distfiles set dist_subdir].
> I'm attaching my proposed changes which address some of the above. It's
> all together as one diff, but when I commit it, I'll probably want to
> separate it into a dozen or more commits, to address several of the issues
> separately, so the history stays readable. I may take another look at this
> later, but I think that's enough for now.
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