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Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at lavergne.gotdns.org
Fri Feb 11 13:12:05 PST 2011

> Well, but that would not work, if this option was already present right from the start.
> Correct?

It would not help in this instance because the revision was not changed.

There are three instances where we may consider distfile changes:
 * source updated but kept at the same version: a revbump with new checksums is done (stealth update that impacts functionality).
 * source is not updated but checksums changed: a revbump is not in order but the distfile must be removed by telling macports to expect the file elsewhere, which is what we're doing here (stealth update that DOES NOT impact functionality).

The reason we must handle the distfile in this instance is that users could have downloaded the distfile but not used it yet. In this case, the Portfile will be updated with new checksum and the distfile will be marked as bad. MacPorts will not remove the file and the user will be forced to manually issue this command.

We want to avoid that situation by adding a subdir to the Portfile, thereby ensuring that the new distfile is downloaded.

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