MacPorts participation in GSoC 2011

Joshua Root jmr at
Wed Feb 16 01:25:35 PST 2011

On 2011-2-16 19:24 , Rainer Müller wrote:
> Any ideas floating in your head you want to see already?

* Improve startupitem code

* Revamp the upgrade code to figure out (and optionally report) what
it's going to do and detect conflicts etc. before it actually changes
anything, and maybe even roll back to the original state if there's a

* Improve 'port clean' to be able to delete distfiles for a specified
version, and all distfiles not needed by currently installed versions of

* When an action will run targets on multiple ports, run them in
parallel when possible and sensible (requires tracking dependencies
between both targets and ports and figuring out the maximum reasonable
parallelism, e.g. several ports can fetch at once on a fast connection
but you only want one 'make -j8' at a time)

* Cleanly separate building software from installing it, using "real"
binary packages

* Add an action for reclaiming disk space, which would delete old
distfiles and archives and uninstall inactive ports (and anything else
that would help)

* Improve trace mode to the point where developers (and the build
server) could run with it always turned on

* Integrate muniversal into base. Not just a direct copy-and-paste, but
in a way that makes sense and preserves the way portfiles are expected
to behave (which the current portgroup doesn't)

* Make cvs/svn/git/hg/bzr fetch types checkout into the distfiles dir
and then export into the work dir, to avoid having to re-fetch after
cleaning the work dir

* Write an interactive command-line tool that can be used instead of the
non-interactive port(1)

Thanks for handling this BTW.

- Josh

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