I screwed up.

David Baumgold singingwolfboy at macports.org
Sat Feb 19 13:18:52 PST 2011

I'm so sorry everyone -- I didn't realize that my updates would break so
many things. Here's the explanation:

I discovered yesterday that GTK+ 3.0 was just released as stable, and I set
up the local port tree on my computer so that I could build it. The
installation documentation indicated that GTK+ 3.0 required
gobject-introspection, so I included that as a dependency for the gtk3 port,
and then when I tried to build gtk3, it complained that it couldn't find the
.gir files for one of its dependencies -- and after doing some research
online, I discovered that these files should have been generated when the
dependencies were compiled using introspection. I checked the ports, and I
discovered that they had introspection disabled in the compiler flags, so I
tried enabling it on my local port tree. Since I was updating those ports
anyway, I also figured that I would update them to the latest version --
completely forgetting about the fact that even branches are stable and odd
branches are unstable in Gnome projects.

Anyway, after all those changes, everything built fine for me locally -- and
the issue of not declaring gobject-introspection as a dependency never came
up, since I already had it installed from trying to build gtk3, and so my
builds had access to it automatically. Since the ports I had edited were
marked openmaintainer, I figured I would just commit the changes -- what
could go wrong? :(

First, I got the bug reports of missing the gobject-introspection
dependencies on the ports I modified, and I felt stupid -- but I committed
the depends_lib lines, thinking that would be the end of it. Now, I just
checked my inbox, and I discovered all the other mistakes I made. All I can
say is, sorry, I shouldn't have been so hasty.

I'm not sure what (if anything) anyone has done to reverse the damage I
caused, but I'm going to update my SVN checkout and revert my changes, if it
hasn't been done so already. I'll make sure that the ports I touched are
left at their latest *stable* version, and remove the introspection
configuration flags. Then, hopefully I'll be able to build gtk3 locally,
disabling introspection, and see about committing that *after* all the
hubbub from my hasty changes has died down.

Sorry again, everyone.
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