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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sun Feb 20 03:54:15 PST 2011

On Feb 20, 2011, at 05:45, Jeremy Lavergne wrote:

>> In this case I see no need for you to override the defaults of either of the above, unless you know for a fact that this software does not compile with Mac OS X's default compilers.
> The intent was to set an initial value, not override one.
> Documentation win.

I was trying to find the passage in the Guide that confused you. The only reference to configure.compiler I could find explains what the possible values are.

Are you perhaps confused by the fact that e.g. a possible value for configure.compiler is "gcc-4.2" and the corresponding value of configure.cc is "/usr/bin/gcc-4.2", and you do not realize that in the name of the program /usr/bin/gcc-4.2, "gcc" stands for the GNU C Compiler, whereas in configure.compiler the "gcc" stands for the entire GNU Compiler Collection -- a collection of compilers including the C compiler gcc (CC), the C++ compiler g++ (CXX), the C pre-processor cpp (sometimes CPP), etc.)?

The configure.compiler section in the Guide could stand to be expanded. Probably some of the text from the UsingTheRightCompiler wiki page should be migrated to the Guide; I think I went into more depth there about this.


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