libpng transition?

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Fri Jan 21 11:13:44 PST 2011

>   I not referring to that. Rather I am concerned about the case where
> libpng and a number of packages that require it are already installed.
> If the user does a 'sudo port selfupdate' and 'sudo port outdated', what
> insures that none of the packages being upgraded aren't built before the
> new soversion of libpng is installed? The absence of any checks for
> version dependencies in MacPorts appears to make that impossible. It is
> very unfortunate that the depends-lib file doesn't allow for a syntax
> like...
> depends-lib: port:libpng(>=1.4)
> or
> depends-lib: port:libpng(>=1.4.5-1)
> such that port could attempt to order the build such that the version
> dependencies are met.

Building follows the dependency tree, which handles this, doesn't it?

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