libpng transition?

Bradley Giesbrecht brad at
Fri Jan 21 12:04:53 PST 2011

On Jan 21, 2011, at 10:45 AM, Dan Ports wrote:

> Implicit in here is the assumption that you're always upgrading all of
> your outdated ports at once -- `port upgrade outdated`.
> If you saw a new version of libpng and decided you wanted to upgrade
> it (for all of the exciting new features a graphics library can  
> offer?)
> but not all your other ports, `port upgrade libpng` would happily let
> you do that and leave most of your system broken.

Is this how port currently works?
If "outdated" is a "pseudo-portname" then wouldn't it more or less  
expanded to "port upgrade [port1 port 2 port3 etc...]"?
I would think there would not be any difference in the way "port  
upgrade" follows the dependency tree when upgrading a single port vs  

Does one need the -R "port -R upgrade" to build dependents?

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