Git as client to the MacPorts svn repository?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Jan 28 23:01:23 PST 2011

On Jan 29, 2011, at 00:07, Larry Gilbert wrote:

> Is the use of Git for committing changes to Subversion approved, and if so, are there any guidelines or tips for doing so?
> I have prior experience using Git to work with a different Subversion repository, so I know the general method. I just want to know about the idiosyncrasies here (if they exist).

I seem to recall that the developers of git feel that keyword expansion in source files is the work of the devil, and do not support it. Meanwhile, Subversion does support it, and we use it in our files. It is the responsibility of a Subversion client to normalize the keywords before sending the file to the repository, and it is my recollection that when using git as a client for a Subversion repository, it does not normalize the keywords. That was some time ago so they may have fixed it. And it's probably not the end of the world if they haven't. I think we had one other developer here before using git for our repository, but I don't recall who it was.

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