iOS cross compiling support

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sat Jan 29 03:40:23 PST 2011

Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Jan 28, 2011, at 17:08, James Gregurich wrote:
>> That would certainly work for MacOSX. What if the host isn't an apple OS? There is certainly support for freebsd in darwin ports. I would assume it is meant to be generic. 
> DarwinPorts changed its name to MacPorts years ago to emphasize that the focus is on the Mac and its Mac OS X operating system -- not Darwin, not other operating systems. I know MacPorts doesn't compile on Linux anymore. It might still work on BSD-like systems but I don't know if anybody tests that. Certainly many ports assume they are being installed on Mac OS X.

FreeBSD compatibility remained for testing the portability of the MacPorts "base" code, but there certainly isn't any advantage in actually using macports over bsdports. I believe that the Linux compatibility was partially revived for being able to run a MacPorts mirror on a server. But as far as I know, the ports now assume Mac OS X (even Leopard)

There was some partial cross-compiling support with the old Universal support, for instance for cross-compiling from Tiger/i386 to Panther/ppc, but it never worked very well and thus was ripped out. And after the "config.guess" discussion about Snow Leopard returning i386 on x86_64 systems, I don't think anyone is very eager on taking it up again...


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