Larry Gilbert l2g at macports.org
Sat Jun 11 19:00:11 PDT 2011

Perl people (or anyone using p5-libwww-perl), this is for you.

Soon I'm going to be committing the changes discussed in
http://trac.macports.org/ticket/28865. This will upgrade libwww-perl
to version 6.02, which has now been separated into multiple packages
(and thus multiple ports).

I've tested the upgrade many times over and I don't expect any
problems, but if you run into any, please let me know.

If you maintain ports that depend on p5-libwww-perl, I suggest
inspecting them to see whether they really rely on modules in the LWP
namespace. You may find that they only depend on modules that will now
have their own ports. For example, if your port uses HTTP::Date but
nothing else related to libwww-perl, you may be able to have it depend
on p5-http-date instead.

Also, if your LWP-dependent port absolutely requires HTTPS support, I
suggest adding an additional dependency on p5-lwp-protocol-https.
Right now, the new p5-libwww-perl defaults to a +ssl variant that
automatically includes this dependency, but adding it to your port now
will keep it working when the variant stops being the default

Larry Gilbert (L2G)

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