"port -d extract" still returns md5 checksum

Bradley Giesbrecht pixilla at macports.org
Sun Jun 19 11:45:57 PDT 2011

On Jun 19, 2011, at 9:04 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Jun 19, 2011, at 06:43, Joshua Root wrote:
>> On 2011-6-19 21:37 , Marko Käning wrote:
>>>> No, existing use of md5 will continue to work for a long time. Using md5
>>>> isn't a problem, not using anything else is. Using md5 alone should
>>>> probably become an error in a future version.
>>> OK
>>>> The "correct checksum line may be" message when the checksums don't
>>>> match just uses whatever types are defined in the portfile, unless there
>>>> are none, in which case it suggests two default types, neither of which
>>>> is md5.
>>> I see. Since the ports in question had two checksums neither of which was md5 as a consequence md5 was suggested by port. ;-)
>> What I wrote applies to trunk/2.0, if you're using 1.9 it might still
>> suggest md5 all the time, I forget.
> "uses whatever types are defined in the portfile" is new to me; I haven't seen that with 1.9. I haven't tried trunk.

Trunk has behaved this way for a while.

Bradley Giesbrecht (pixilla)

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