MacPorts and clang

Jack Howarth howarth at
Thu Mar 3 12:35:20 PST 2011

On Fri, Mar 04, 2011 at 05:48:56AM +1100, Joshua Root wrote:
> On 2011-3-4 02:40 , Jack Howarth wrote:
> >   Are there any plans to attempt to move MacPorts towards
> > building with clang once Xcode 4 is released? Considering that
> > we have so many packages supporting gcc4x variants to build with
> > FSF gcc, it seems strange not to do the same for clang.
> >              Jack
> > ps I assume that Xcode 4 won't be held up until Lion is released so
> > these clang variants could be first done on Snow Leopard. It is unclear
> > from
> > if the clang c++ support in Xcode 4.0 will use the existing libstdc++
> > or the new libc++ instead. It would be nice if it were the latter.
> We already have configure.compiler settings for llvm-gcc-4.2 and clang.
> Port maintainers can use these as desired. We default to whatever Apple
> calls /usr/bin/cc on each OS.
> There's a default for darwin 11 in base already on spec (llvm-gcc-4.2).

 Wow. That would surprise me as I was under the impression that in llvm
development, llvm-gcc-4.2 was being given short shrift compared to clang.
Certainly my own runs of llvm-2.8 and llvm svn's gfortran with the
Polyhedron 2005 benchmarks has shown continued runtime performance regressions...

This compares to clang which, as measured by the himenoBMTxpa benchmark
anyway, appears to be improving towards FSF gcc's current performance.

> We can change that if it turns out to be wrong when Lion ships.
> Otherwise this should all "just work".
> - Josh

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