Another (but smaller) mass update to perl5 ports

Larry Gilbert l2g at
Sat Mar 5 14:11:04 PST 2011

Brad Giesbrecht pointed out to me that a bunch of ports in the perl5
PortGroup are using "depends_lib" when they should be using

I'm planning to do a commit that corrects this in 25 different
{no,open}maintainer ports, bumping each port's revision in order to
avoid any outlying cases where these modules got installed and perl5

As far as I know, this is an acceptable case for editing multiple
ports in one commit, but since I haven't done one this big before
(that I recall), I wanted to announce it before the fact to give
others the chance to speak up in case I'm about to do something
horribly wrong!


Larry Gilbert (L2G)

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