Filesize in Portfiles (was Re: [76684] trunk/dports/sysutils/rpm/Portfile)

Jeff Johnson n3npq at
Sun Mar 6 08:51:48 PST 2011

On Mar 6, 2011, at 11:26 AM, Arno Hautala wrote:

> I think it'd be useful to include the download size, not as a security
> or integrity feature, but as information for the user. This would
> require additional changes to base, but the user could be informed of
> the total size of data to be requested for all ports before things
> begin.

Instead of setting off on a mass-edit of Portfiles, I'd suggest
just automating file size (and digests for that matter) outside
of build recipes. You can get that info (in most cases) with
just a wee bit of scripting.

JMHO ... Have fun with the Portfile edit! if that's what you choose to do.


73 de Jeff

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