Dual licensing syntax

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at lavergne.gotdns.org
Wed Mar 9 06:30:17 PST 2011

> There are two ways a port can have multiple licenses. There may be a set
> of licenses all of which apply (e.g. OpenSSL), or a choice of one
> license from the set may be offered (e.g. Perl). There could also be a
> combination of these.
> We don't currently have a syntax for the case where there's a choice.
> I'd suggest separating them with a pipe; so for example the perl5.12
> portfile would say:
> license		Artistic|GPL
> and a perl module incorporating some BSD-licensed files might say:
> license		Artistic|GPL BSD
> Any objections or better ideas?

Could we make use of Tcl and create an array to indicate this logic?

{lic1 lic2} vs {{lic1} {lic2}}

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