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Mark Anderson emer at emer.net
Thu Mar 10 19:24:23 PST 2011

So far I've been running XCode 4 with MacPorts and have not run into any
trouble.  I'll holler as soon as it causes a problem.


On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 8:23 PM, Dominik Reichardt <domiman at gmail.com>wrote:

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> >>> I have to admit that I have no idea if and to which extent MacPorts
> >>> works with Xcode 4, as I didn't buy it (yet?
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> >> I'm not sure how much MacPorts depends on the "lower" SDKs (10.4 and
> 10.5) or whether MacPorts depends on those at all, but Xcode 4 does away
> with those on every install. Meaning it moves old Xcode stuff, including
> those SDKs to /Developer-old and of course doesn't even give the option to
> keep these SDKs (or to install them on a System on which no Xcode was
> installed before).
> >> This is the most annoying issue with Xcode 4 for me, especially since I
> had moved the SDKs back, then installed Xcode 4 again (the one from the
> Appstore craps out in the last stages of the installation, but if you open
> the installer app you can start the installer on its own and it actually
> finishes) and I forgot to move the SDKs back and thus some compilation
> didn't succeed at first :)
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> > Even nicer as I just found out, the ld that comes with Xcode 4 is of
> course no longer threeway universal, missing the ppc part thus making it
> impossible to build ppc stuff (unless you use the one from the old xcode).
> > Highly annoying but when you find this out and circumvent it, you can
> actually compile PPC again... (you also need to put other
> /usr/libexec/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin10/4.0.1 back as well)
> >
> Hmm, is there a way to set an alternate dynamic linker, something like
> "export ld=/usr/bin/ld_ppc_able", so to not mess with xcode 4 binaries? I
> couldn't find anything on google, except that this should work but it
> doesn't for a project of mine :(
> Dom
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