Binary Packages (again)

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Mar 13 03:45:04 PDT 2011

On 2011-3-13 21:05 , Anders F Björklund wrote:
> Saw that "binaries" was on the summer agenda again ?
> Not sure what it means, the pkg/xpkg and package/rpm
> paths are still open if anyone wants to venture there.

It would preferably be "real" packages, since the downloadable archives
stuff is mostly done.

> But assuming that it's mostly about the archives and
> providing pre-built destroots, like those MPAB .tbz2...
> So I added @pkgdep to the +CONTENTS (like in FreeBSD),
> to record the versions/revisions of the dependencies.
> Hopefully that could be of _some_ help, when trying to
> install from archives only (i.e. the "port -b" flag)
> Real packages would be better, but archives is "OK".

It would be an interesting exercise to see just how far you could get
going solely on the +FILES in the archive with no ability to parse

- Josh

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