How to introduce a call to kbuildsycoca4 in a kde port

Marko Käning MK-MacPorts at
Tue Mar 15 12:19:01 PDT 2011

> Depending on what it actually does this might be better to have once the program is installed in the proper place with post-activate {...}, like texhash.
Yep, thanks for that remark, you are absolutely right, only after activation it has to be run:
post-activate {
    ui_msg "Calling kbuildsycoca4 in case KDE hasn't called it yet to make sure that skrooge can run."
    system "${prefix}/bin/kbuildsycoca4"
is the way to go.

Well, I don't need to change into any dir before executing the command.

According to skrooge's developer the command is normally called by the KDE framework, but in some  cases, like here, it obviously isn't, which is why I wanted to introduce this call as a precaution measure.

Thanks a lot.

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