Use configure.ldflags-delete instead of configure.ldflags?

Daniel J. Luke dluke at
Fri Mar 18 06:12:01 PDT 2011

On Mar 18, 2011, at 4:57 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>>>>> and 'ldflags' should (imho) be safe for a port to simply reset. This seems demonstrative of the problems that can emerge with base implicitly setting environmental variables and other build-time arguments; it's much harder to control them directly from a port when you need something different.
> and ask you to clarify your objection to this proposal.

that was from landonf

I don't know specifically what he was referring to, but it's easy enough to think of a situation where there could be problems.

Imagine a Portfile that currently clears LDFLAGS because anything in that environment variable causes the build to fail or to do unexpected things.

If instead, the portfile author has to clear the individual environment settings, then each time base/ changes, that Portfile needs to change as well.

There are other issues, too - when we didn't set LDFLAGS/CFLAGS in base/, library ports that didn't need to depend on things in $prefix didn't have the problem of mistakenly linking to a previously installed version.

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