Binary Packages (again)

Anders F Björklund afb at
Mon Mar 21 03:30:11 PDT 2011

Jordan K. Hubbard wrote:

>> So I added @pkgdep to the +CONTENTS (like in FreeBSD),
>> to record the versions/revisions of the dependencies.
>> Hopefully that could be of _some_ help, when trying to
>> install from archives only (i.e. the "port -b" flag)
> That's a definite start.  It would be interesting to survey FreeBSD's packages and see what the most common @operations in +CONTENTS are.  Is it mostly metadata, like the pkgdep info, or is it a lot of shell commands?   I'll confess that I have not looked in a long time.

The most common, by far, are the "@comment MD5" lines...
Since there is one of those, for every file in the tbz.

The "@comment ORIGIN" and "@comment DEPORIGIN" are also
present a lot, but not really needed/used in MacPorts ?
(i.e. there is no "origin", but only what directory it's
stored in and what category happens to be first in line)

Here is the census, for 8.2 (amd64):

3402386 @comment MD5:
527201 @pkgdep
527201 @comment DEPORIGIN:
261560 @dirrm
144735 @unexec
53648 @comment
29302 @cwd
21106 @name
21106 @comment PKG_FORMAT_REVISION:
21106 @comment ORIGIN:
20919 @exec
18310 @ignore
5851 @mtree
3037 @conflicts
2227 @display
  64 @comment INSTALL_DATA:
  53 @mode
  32 @group
  10 @owner
   1 @noinst


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