Binary repo for GSoC?

Erik Österlund fisksvett at
Tue Mar 22 12:06:54 PDT 2011

22 mar 2011 kl. 09:00 skrev Anders F Björklund:

> In the scope of how the student summer assignment is written, it
> _seems_ to be more about getting MacPorts AutoBuild deployed and
> provide those destroots (as archives) for the regular port users ?
> But I think that one new goal could be to either make a version of
> pkg(1) so it works without Xcode, or have it build .pkg too perhaps.

Yeah so this is where I'm confused! What it seems to be about I thought was only handled.

From the description it says:

"This also includes to cleanly separate building software from installing it, using "real" binary packages."

This "also" seems to be what you've been discussing here, right?
The other part, which seems to be the main thing, says:

"This project consists in working in concert (or cooperatively) with whomever does (virtual chroot) to setup a mechanism to automatically build packages, send reports on failures and implement a distribution mechanisms to allow users to fetch binary packages."

This seems to be about the distribution/deployment of the stuff and having dedicated build machines, spitting out binary packages. This is what I thought was already done.

If this is what it seems, I am very interested in doing this, but I'm not quite sure if this is, as Anders said, what it _seems_.

Can somebody verify this? Is it about binary package formats, a build distribution system, or both?

- Fisk
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