[GSoC][Binaries support] Architecture

Felipe Tanus fotanus at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 18:28:19 PDT 2011


I started to think about an architecture for the binaries support
project, and I would like to know your opinion at some points. I think
it's easy to notice that the software has two distinct parts, the
server and the client. The server is the build and distribution
solution, and the client is the port modification and maybe the
binary-only version. I'm splitting my ideas in these two areas.

About the server:

* Failures report: It might be obvious, but since it's not on the
description in idea's list, I think the best way of notification is by
e-mail. A public mail list can be created to spread this info, maybe
at macosforge.

* Compressing packages: I think it's a good idea use liblzma, like
slackware and arch linux are doing. It has a great compression and low
decompression time, and cost only a little more for compressing than

* Signed packages: I thought of it as signing at build time, with an
GPG key. Not sure if it's the best.

     *What universal binaries and multiple variants on ideas list
mean? I don't get the idea.
     *The language must be TCL? Shouldn't we think about using C
instead in the distribution service to avoid performance issues? The
compiling itself might be in any language, I think, but since we
already have MPAB let's keep in TCL.

About the client:

There is not much buzz about this part. The suggested extension is
very attractive IMHO.

best regards,

Felipe de Oliveira Tanus
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