GSoC idea: MacPorts GUI

Per Österlund m4ldin at
Tue Mar 29 12:34:19 PDT 2011


My name is Per Österlund. I'd like to work on the GUI for MacPorts.

I am currently studying informatics and behavioral sciences, but have previously studied some graphic design and other media-related subjects. I've been using MacPorts since I don't know when and been on a mac since the 90s. I have done some programming and some web developing, but mainly focused on the interface bits. That is what interests me.

I have previously been working together with my brother Erik on some iPhone-app development and webb-programming. The ideas he wants to implement (the separation of installation and build) and the work on the GUI requires some bits of cooperation, which in the combo of me and my brother never was a problem.

I think it'd be a nice thing if MacPorts GUI reminded of the GUI for Mac AppStore and iTunes Store. Familiarity and all that! Adding to the native feel is probably a good idea, for many reasons. It makes it easier for the casual user to grip what the point is and it strengthens the overall feel of the usability of OSX and it's related software (as a possible secondary effect).

Any thoughts on this?
/Per Österlund

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