-no_X11 and dmg size for tuxmath

David Bruce davidstuartbruce at gmail.com
Thu May 5 10:39:06 PDT 2011


I've submitted an updated portfile for tuxmath as well as a portfile
for t4k_common, our internal library.

One of my objectives with macports was to hopefully come up with an
easy way to build a tuxmath dmg to distribute from our website.  I
have a macports installation under /opt/local/tux4kids for this
purpose.  Happily, "sudo port dmg tuxmath" now succeeds (it didn't a
couple of years ago), but it creates a really big file (~120MB).  Is
it possible to reduce this in some way?  In particular, I wonder if I
can get rid of all the X-related libs by specifying the "-no_X11"
variant, perhaps with a third macports under something like

Thanks for any suggestions,

David Bruce

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