help witcommitting wxWidgets-python/py26-wxpython/pymol/relax updates

Jack Howarth howarth at
Fri May 6 21:47:03 PDT 2011

   I have a set of related updates which need to be reviewed and committed. These include...

1) ticket 29345 which started out as fixes for the gcc4x variants in the pymol Portfile, however while
updating the relax package (which loads the pymol python module), I noticed that the new for pymol's
installation broke relax's ability to load the pymol module. The fix is to create the recommended symlink
for pymol_path in the pymol site-packages directory which allows the module to load without 
the PYMOL_PATH environmental being set. This packaging updates needs the Portfile.diff in the ticket
and the revised setup_py.diff and pymol_shell.diff patches in the ticket committed.

2) The relax package since 1.3.9 has supported a graphical interface but this requires the
updating of wxWidgets-python to (ticket 29389) and py26-wxpython to (ticket 29390)
which are trivial Portfile.diff changes. The relax gui intereface code is incompatible with the
older release of these packages currently in the port cvs.

3) The relax package is updated to 1.3.10 with the Portfile.diff in ticket 28404 (which originally
was a update to the previosu 1.3.9 release). This packaging requires the updated wxWidgets-python
and py26-wxpython packaging in ticket 29389 and 29390). With those package updates and the pymol
update installed, the graphical interface for relax can be seen by executing 'relax -g' on the
command line.

Thanks in advance for any help in getting these commits done.

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