Adding fetch.type git as a variant?

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon May 9 17:11:10 PDT 2011

On 2011-5-10 08:34 , David Bruce wrote:
> Hi,
> All of the SCM fetch types are discouraged in the manual for
> "non-reproducible builds", which is fair enough.  But as the
> maintainer of both the Portfile and the upstream project, it seems it
> would be highly useful to have an automated way to see if the latest
> git source breaks the macports build.  Is it possible/advisable to do
> this as a variant, as there doesn't seem to be any option to tell port
> to use a different fetch type, e.g. something like:
> variant git_dev_only description {use latest git source} {
>      fetch.type          git
>      git.url                git://
>      use_autoreconf  yes
> }
> plus whatever else is needed to get it to work.
> Thanks for any advice,
> David Bruce

I don't think this would be appropriate for inclusion in the main repo.
You could add this variant to your local copy, or you could have a
script that runs something like
'port destroot myport fetch.type=git use_autoreconf=yes ...'

- Josh

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