Use configure.ldflags-delete instead of configure.ldflags?

Gellule Xg gellule.xg at
Wed May 11 12:03:07 PDT 2011

Maybe I should have presented the problem differently. Even though 
adding "-Xlinker -headerpad_max_install_names" to base does not make all 
builds relocatable following the install_name_tool path, it gets you 
closer to being able to do so for some (many?) builds.

Is it true that adding such a flag to base does not break anything? 
(I've made modifications on my tree and haven't noticed anything) If so, 
is it fair to say that because it helps at least a little, it is OK to 
add it to base. This addition does not require that any of the ports 
that modify configure.ldflags be modified. It does not require either 
than macport change its "builds are not meant to be relocatable" policy.




> "-Xlinker -headerpad_max_install_names"

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