Strange mix of mysql versions during qt4-mac install

MK-MacPorts at MK-MacPorts at
Wed Dec 5 00:36:17 PST 2012

Hi Michael and Brad,

I made a fresh qt4-mac install and wanted to include MySQL 5.5 by doing this:

	$ sudo port install -k qt4-mac +debug qt4-mac-mysql55-plugin kmymoney4-devel +debug +no_x11 +no_gtk

But it seems I did not achieve what I wanted, since although the wanted plugin is installed

	$ port installed qt4-mac*
	The following ports are currently installed:
  	qt4-mac @4.8.4_1+debug+quartz (active)
  	qt4-mac-mysql55-plugin @4.8.4_0 (active)

MySQL itself didn't get installed:

	$ port installed mysql*
	The following ports are currently installed:
  	mysql5 @5.1.66_2 (active)
  	mysql5-server @5.1.66_1 (active)
  	mysql55 @5.5.28_2 (active)
  	mysql_select @0.1.2_0 (active)

Why did that happen? It looks like qt4-mac-mysql55-plugin port didn't set its requirements correctly or what?


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