Dependencies on kerberos5

Rainer Müller raimue at
Thu Dec 6 07:21:10 PST 2012


Cc: maintainers of depends:kerberos5

At the moment, several ports depend directly on kerberos5 in their
default variant set. Most important for me are cyrus-sasl2 and openssh.

As I want to use kerberos authentication against servers, I currently
have to maintain two independent sets of kerberos tickets using both
/usr/bin/kinit and ${prefix}/bin/kinit. This is the case as Mac OS X >=
10.7 no longer uses MIT Kerberos, but switched to Heimdal and the ticket
stores are not compatible.

In [1] Leo Singer (aronnax@) proposed to default to heimdal instead of
kerberos5 on Mac OS X >= 10.7. This would resolve my problem as the
ticket stores appear to be compatible.

Therefore, I would like to ask to add +kerberos5 and +heimdal variants
to these ports and make the default variant selection based on the
version of Mac OS X this is installed to.

Should we add a kerberos_select port for the kinit, klist, etc. tools?
heimdal already installs them to ${prefix}/libexec/heimdal/bin/, while
kerberos5 puts them into ${prefix}/bin directly.

As this affects multiple ports I did not want to open yet another ticket
against these ports, but bring attention from a wider audience to this



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