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On 08/dic/2012, at 00:32, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:

> On Dec 7, 2012, at 09:23, Aljaž Srebrnič <g5pw at> wrote:
>> I just finished a unified port for py-gtk. The situation right now is that we have a py-gtk2 port with uses python 2.4 and py2[5-7]-gtk which are not unified.
> Thanks!
Glad to be of service :)

>> I propose to unify everything under the name py2[5-7]-gtk2 since we have the gtk2 port. We could mark the -gtk ports replaced_by its -gtk2 counterparts. What do you think?
> Bear in mind that we also have a gtk3 port already. Does pygtk support gtk3, or will it? If so, we should think about how we plan to handle that. (Separate py-gtk3 port? Subports? Variants?)

Fortunately, py-gtk won't support gtk3, there is another module for gtk3 named pyGObject [1].

[1] -

I'm attaching the actial diff, if anyone want to take a look before I commit.
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