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> On 2012-12-9 10:31 , Aljaž Srebrnič wrote:
> > Hello list!
> > I'd like to know what's the policy with maintaining py2[4-6]- ports…
> > Shouldn't we gradually drop support for older python versions?
> With the unified portgroup there's almost no extra effort involved in
> having them. I don't think there's any reason to drop them until
> upstream does.

WRT Python itself: Python 2.4.x and 2.5.x are no longer supported in any 
way by the PSF Python project (  Python 2.6.x is in 
security-fix-only mode until October 2013.  Python 2.7 is current and in 
an extended maintenance mode period (bug fixes, security fixes, no new 
features); no date has yet been established for when it will move to 
security-fix-only mode.   Python 2.7.x is the final release series for 
Python 2.

Python 3.0.x is end-of-lifed and not supported in any way.  Python 3.1.x 
is in security-fix-only mode until June 2014.  Python 3.2.x is currently 
in maintenance mode but will move to security-fix-only mode soon after 
its next and final maintenance release in the coming months.  Python 
3.3.x is current and in maintenance mode.  New features are being worked 
on for Python 3.4, currently planned for release in Feb 2014.

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