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Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at lavergne.gotdns.org
Tue Feb 21 13:34:52 PST 2012

>>>>> Wouldn't "${configure.cc} -E" be a sensible value?
>>>> With gcc, that doesn't behave quite the same as running cpp. So probably
>>>> not if clang is maintaining gcc compatibility in this respect.
>>> How would the port compile out of Macports if only clang (say Xcode
>>> 4.2) were available?
>>> i.e. what program would act as preprocessor?
>> Clang has a preprocessor of course. But it's not clear that it provides
>> something suitable to set RAWCPP to. Maybe there is some flag that makes
>> it behave appropriately; I don't know.
>> (Xcode 4.2 still has llvm-cpp-4.2 as /usr/bin/cpp so it's not really an
>> example of what you're asking about.)
> Then would /usr/bin/llvm-cpp-4.2 be an appropriate value for configure.cpp when configure.compiler is clang?

Any updates?

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