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Bjarne D Mathiesen macintosh at
Mon Jun 4 07:59:36 PDT 2012

Jeremy Lavergne wrote:
>> I can't see where I removed anything ?!?
>> ++ completely new install of MacPorts from source
>> ++ don't install anything at all after base install
>> ++ immediately switch to use svn as described
>> PATH has been set correctly _before_ install of base
>> In my experience, switching between rsync & svn still picks up whatever
>> has been installed under either regime as everything installed gets
>> consolidated into the same database no matter which repository is used &
>> which method is used to get the Portfiles.
>> To me, what seems to happen is, that /usr/bin/svn is able to pull the
>> first download of the Portfiles, but subsequently upon /port sync/
>> discovers that it's actually pulled something it's not qualifed to work
>> with.
> svn does not download a new format from the servers.
> The only way your repository would change to the new format is if you used the new client on it.

I stand corrected :-)

Turns out, I changed PATH _after_ the first pull from svn :-(
Thus, svn was taken from /macports/bin/ instaed of /user/bin/ ... ie
from my primary install of MacPort. /macportstest/ is my test environment.

:-) I'm sorry for the confusion :-)
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