rev-upgrade to determine if binary is distributable

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Thu Jun 7 07:58:34 PDT 2012

> Is it the licenses?
> djvulibre: GPL-2+
> pdf2djvu: GPL-2
> ImageMagick: Apache-2

Hop down to "array set license_conflicts"  in the code.

These are the conflicts Apache license has with other licenses:
    apache {cecill gpl-1 gpl-2}
    apache-1 {agpl gpl}
    apache-1.1 {agpl gpl}

Notice gpl-3 is not conflicted, ergo gpl-2+ is not conflicted.

Same with GPL conflicts:
    gpl {afl agpl apache-1 apache-1.1 apsl beopen cnri bsd-old cpl epl gd gplconflict ibmpl lppl mpl noncommercial openssl php qpl restrictive/distributable ruby ssleay zpl-1}
    gpl-1 {apache gpl-3 gpl-3+ lgpl-3 lgpl-3+}
    gpl-2 {apache freetype gpl-3 gpl-3+ lgpl-3 lgpl-3+}
    gpl-3 {gpl-1 gpl-2}
    gpl-3+ {gpl-1 gpl-2}

None of them conflict with apache-2, only 1.0 and 1.1. See all the Apache license versions here:

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