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On 17 Jun 2012, at 8:24pm, Joshua Root wrote:

> On 2012-6-18 04:37 , Bradley Giesbrecht wrote:
>> Snow Leopard is also the last to support Rosetta. There are places where we are stuck with Rosetta (and buying used Macs) for a while :(
> Yeah, but you can make a similar argument about 10.5 being the last to
> support ppc, and 10.4 being the last to support Classic. It doesn't
> really translate into a sufficient reason to make MacPorts officially
> supported on those platforms.

Nor does it change the fact that MacPorts is largely maintained by a bunch of volunteers, and as such demands on what platforms are and are not supported cannot reasonably be made, I would say. The bottom line is support is there for older OS X versions, for ports for which there are developers willing and with the means to support them. I for one only have access to one OS X version, currently 10.7 (+Xcode 4.3, which is of course another variable…), and as such can only test this combination. 

MacPorts might well decide to extend support from n-1 to n-2, given OS X's reducing cycle time between releases; I can see the interest in this, but if the devs are not there with the platforms to work from, its a mute point…


> (Note that I am not saying that you don't have good reasons for sticking
> with an older platform, or that I support the removal of backward
> compatibility in OS X...)
> - Josh
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