mysql5 and mysql51

Blair Zajac blair at
Mon Jun 18 11:07:09 PDT 2012

Backstory: I have a PowerBook I needed to install MySQL on and the 
mysql55-server build failed, so I went to install MySQL 5.1.x.

Currently there's mysql5 and mysql51-server, which is confusing.  I 
ended up choosing mysql51-server since its commits were newer, but they 
both look like they are getting commits, even after mysql51 was copied 
from mysql5.

Are we in a transition point right now?  I looked the last three months 
of mail archives and didn't see any discussions.

Is mysql5 going to be removed or a port that depends upon mysql51 or 

If mysql51 will be used, there are some other ports that need work, e.g. 


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