Failed to open Portfile from registry

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Jun 26 18:38:53 PDT 2012

On Jun 26, 2012, at 20:09, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
> On Jun 26, 2012, at 12:37 p.m., Blair Zajac wrote:
>> On 06/26/2012 09:03 AM, Sean Farley wrote:
>>> On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 10:55 AM, Blair Zajac wrote:
>>>> After updating my perl5 and p5* ports, removing outdated ports got these
>>>> warnings.  Are there any issues with my registry after seeing these? I've
>>>> gotten them on 3 different systems that I've updated.
>>> By any chance, do you happen to have these in a custom / local repo on
>>> your machine?
>> No.  I just use rsync to pick up port changes.
> I am also seeing these warnings, on selfupdate/upgrade.

Now that I've caught up on the commits and other messages of the day, I understand what's going on. A major change just took place for all of perl in MacPorts in r94655. This needed to be done, but it included a change to the perl5 portgroup that is incompatible with how that portgroup was used before: the perl5.branches option was removed; previous p5 ports relied on that option existing. So as with the previous time that we did a massive overhaul of perl in MacPorts two years ago, the existing perl5 1.0 portgroup should have been kept intact and a new perl5 1.1 portgroup created with these changes, to avoid these warning messages. 

Thankfully in this case the warnings are harmless and should just be ignored:

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