Trac/Subversion Server Downtime - Tue Sep 11 8-10am PDT

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia jeremyhu at
Tue Sep 11 21:37:08 PDT 2012

On Sep 11, 2012, at 21:20, Joshua Root <jmr at> wrote:

> On 2012-9-12 13:30 , Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:
>> I'm still having issues with svn:
>> $ svn ls
>> svn: E175002: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ''
>> svn: E175002: Server sent unexpected return value (503 Service Temporarily Unavailable) in response to OPTIONS request for ''
> Bill mentioned this earlier in the thread:
>> If you have any working copies using as the host, you'll need to use `svn switch` to change it to as those two hosts are no longer the same.

Ah, I missed that.  Thanks.

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