Webkit-gtk3 or webkit-gtk-devel?s

Guido Soranzio guido.soranzio at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 11:50:36 PDT 2013

On Fri Mar 29, I wrote: 

> WebKitGTK+ 2.0.0 has been released and many patches of the current
> port aren't needed anymore. Gtk+3 and GObject Introspection are
> well supported and I think that MacPorts shouldn't disable them
> by default from now on.

I tried to compile the updated port by Jeremy Huddleston with only
a pair of changes: --with-gtk=3.0 instead of --with-gtk=2.0 and
--enable-introspection instead of --disable-introspection.

The port builds fine and the only two incompatibilities are that:
a) libsoup has to be compiled with --enable-introspection
b) the documentation under /opt/local/share/gtk-doc/html conflict
   with the ones installed by the original port.

We could create just the variants "+gtk3" and "+introspection" instead
of a new webkit-gtk3 port but here comes again the longstanding lack
in MacPorts: if we want to experiment with some new Gnome 3 components
like Seed, which recommends Gtk+3, we cannot depends on a variant… :(



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