Webkit-gtk3 or webkit-gtk-devel

Guido Soranzio guido.soranzio at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 02:57:45 PDT 2013

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:

> I'm on the fence between subport and variant for gtk3.  Thoughts?

I think that providing two different ports, webkit-gtk and webkit-gtk3,
is the unavoidable solution as FreeBSD and NetBSD's pkgsrc did.

We could also follow strictly the naming conventions used by the ongoing
port of Gnome 3 by FreeBSD (<http://www.marcuscom.com:8080/viewvc/viewvc.cgi/marcuscom/ports/trunk/>)
and therefore provide two distinct versions also of evince3, gedit3, yelp3, …
They are building "gtk-engines3" but I tried to compile easily the
new "gnome-themes-standard" which replaces it and which provides the new
theme "Adwaita" much closer to the Aqua feel, including the
scrollbars without arrows: <http://trac.macports.org/attachment/ticket/38635/Portfile>.

Since many new developments are made with JavaScript, Vala and PyGobject,
the default support to Gobject Introspection should be non-questionable.
Compiling GJS should not be difficult, either. Note that the official
instructions for building SpiderMonkey refer explicitly to Homebrew
autonconf123 is required but their formula is definitely more streamlined
that the current portfile.

The support to WebKit2 could be offered only for Gtk+3, as Debian Experimental

In summary, I think that MacPorts could simply limit to these three distinct ports:




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