suggested packages feature (was: removing bash_completion (and zsh_completion) variants)

Christoph Iserlohn ciserlohn at
Wed Apr 17 05:53:23 PDT 2013

Am 17.04.13 08:42, schrieb Joshua Root:
> On 2013-4-17 05:24 , Christoph Iserlohn wrote:
>> Am 16.04.13 01:05, schrieb Clemens Lang:
>>> Always installing the completion files
>> npm and git-core do that already. The bash_completion variant only adds an
>> explicit dependency (path-style) on bash_completion.
> Variants that only add a runtime dependency aren't a great idea. A
> variant like this doesn't actually change anything about the port
> itself. The installed files are exactly the same as they would be
> without the variant, which means you unnecessarily miss out on using an
> archive.
> In some other package managers this would be in 'suggests' rather than
> being a dependency. Perhaps some notes mentioning that the port installs
> a completion file could serve a similar purpose?
Would a 'suggested packages' feature worthwhile to implement? Perhaps for the GSoC?


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