[GSoC] Read packages from other various package managers

Andre Murbach Maidl andremm at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 13:23:42 PDT 2013


I'm a Computer Science student and I'm currently working with
Lua, so I'm interested to propose a way to integrate rockspecs
from luarocks to macports.

After my talking to neverpanic on the irc channel, I realized
that a simple script to generate Portfiles from rockspecs
wouldn't be enough for GSoC.

Then he told me that maybe an API to deal with 3rd-party
package managers could be enough for GSoC.
However, he also told me that there is an open question:
do we need an API to achieve that, or can it be done
with what we already have?

Can someone help me on this?

Many thanks,
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