library not foud to link my project with kdepimlibs and akonadi

Michael Parchet mparchet at
Sat Feb 2 10:17:06 PST 2013


I work on mac os 10.8.2

I try to use the kdepimlibs and akonadi package in a qt project which compile with cmake.

After reading of  the following documentation ( and several google search, I still have the bellow issue.

when I try to compile I get this link error.

Linking CXX executable release/myprojectname
ld: library not found for -lKDE4__kdeui

Here an extract of my cMakeList.txt file project.

include_directories (
link_directories( ${KDE4_LIB_DIR} ${KDEPIMLIBS_LIB_DIR} ) 


Could you help me please ?

Best regards


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