PyQwt with Qwt6?

Michael Dickens michaelld at
Mon Feb 11 06:47:03 PST 2013

This is mainly to the PyQwt maintainers (macsforever2000, erickt, and
me), but also to any folks who know more about the PyQwt project.

Right now, py-pyqwt (5.2.0_4) has a variant for +qwt6, which makes this
port depend on "port:qwt-60" which I replaced by "port:qwt60" last
night.  So, I'm working to fix up the py-pyqwt Portfile this morning.

I tried to "install py27-pyqwt +qwt6", using qwt60 (6.0.2_0), but that
failed due to some headers not being available (e.g., qwt_array.h);
clearly qwt60 is API incompatible with qwt52 (and, they say this in
their wiki, so it's not a surprise).  So, I poked around a bit to see
about making PyQwt compatible with Qwt6, and I see from the PyQwt and
Qwt email lists (e.g., < >), that
PyQwt will likely not be upgraded to suppose Qwt6. Further, there seems
to be no outside work towards making them work together.

Hence, my question is did the +qwt6 variant of py-pyqwt ever really
work?  It seems like it should never have been there, or maybe it did
work in a RC of Qwt6?  Anyway, it no longer works for me and I cannot
see how it would work for anyone.

I'm moving towards removing the +qwt* variants from this port and
instead relying solely on "path:lib/libqwt.5.dylib:qwt52".

But, before I do this change I'd love to hear some anyone knowing more
about the situation.  Thanks! - MLD

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